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After reading an article on I have started to build a better awareness of all of the properties that make up our overall intellectual scope. Prior to this I had actually never heard of MQ and BQ as terms but after further evaluation these contributing factors certainly play a tremendous role in not only our work but also our lives. The question is how do they rank and where must our emphasis lie? This is not a one size fits all relationship. In any situation all of these factors will play out differently in importance.

The question then becomes when is it most useful to employ these varying components of our persona? Tapping into our IQ certainly makes the most sense for areas that require a great deal of logic and linear thinking. However, IQ only seems to provide one piece of the bigger picture. It may be able to help us control and direct a seemingly straightforward path but how does it connect and stand out? Logic does not always create the trust and belief in knowing that the response will be as it was intended. This is where EQ or Emotional Intelligence plays an important role. Emotional Intelligence involves quite simply understanding emotions and emotional response and regulation. It involves a true awareness of the overall mindset of a situation and implements tactics that will capitalize on the desired outcome to the best of its ability.

Emotional intelligence involves a great deal of inner thought, self awareness and ability to self guide and direct towards the most advantageous state of mind for a given scenario. In regard to this is the subject of MQ or Moral Intelligence. Knowing what side of the moral fence we stand on gives the ability to respond with regard to responsibility and overall integrity of the product. This also leads us towards how far we are willing to “push the envelope.” In terms of design, this can be a dicey topic based on client wants versus designer standing or vice versa. There is always a line and there is always the decision of whether or not it should be crossed in order to create the desired outcome.

Lastly, of the intellectual list is BQ or Body Intelligence. Body Intelligence relates to our physical being. It involves how we maintain our bodies in terms of nutrition and weight and our overall health. Since the way we treat our body greatly impacts the functioning of our mind it is just as if not more important than all of the other intellectual states.

Overall, every one of these contributing factors is beneficial to the overall picture and process of our lives. It is in their congruency that we see them to their full effects. Simply using one over another is not as effective as having an understanding of the entirety of the matter at hand. Being able to tap into these levels of our intellect in problem solving will demonstrate the outcome that is closest linked with success.

Jensen, Keld. “Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 12 Apr. 2012. Web. 06 Apr. 2013.

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